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Single-Bowl Full Size Frozen Drink Machine


  • Commercial model with one LIGHTED 3.2-gallon bowl makes 50 cups
  • Durable construction with stainless steel panels and high-impact plastic
  • 1/4-HP air-cooled compressor, consistency control, freeze-up protection
  • Measures about 32” high x 14” wide x 15” deep and weighs 71 pounds
  • Covered by a 2-year parts warranty (SUITABLE FOR COMMERCIAL USE)

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The Single Full is a commercial-grade frozen drink machine that’s popular with food trucks, concession stands, and rental companies.  Just pour in your favorite mix (margarita, daiquiri, piña colada, hurricane), soft drink, or wine and the machine will turn it into a tasty slush drink.  The freeze time varies depending on room temperature and alcohol content, but is typically 2 hours per batch.  This machine plugs in to a standard 120-volt power outlet.


Although it’s not a cheap machine, this thing works perfectly!! Since buying a house with a pool, our friends congregate at the house and this is a perfect addition to our life. Lots of people claim it’s a pain to clean, but it’s really not. It easily disassembles and washes nicely, after drying we lube up the seals and put it back together ready for the next party. I also have had great luck with Margarita girl being responsive to questions as well, so it’s really all around an awesome purchase.

Works perfectly and arrived quickly. Would recommend!