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Double-Bowl Mini Size Frozen Drink Machine

$1,299.00 $1,199.00

  • Residential model with two 1.6-gallon bowls makes 50 cups of slush
  • Durable construction with stainless steel panels and high-impact plastic
  • 1/4-HP air-cooled compressor, consistency control, freeze-up protection
  • Measures about 24” high x 13” wide x 12” deep and weighs 62 pounds
  • Covered by 2-year parts warranty (NOT SUITABLE FOR COMMERCIAL USE)

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The Double Mini is the two-bowl version of our Single Mini frozen drink machine and is a perfect choice if you want to serve two different types of slush drink.  Just pour in your favorite mix (margarita, daiquiri, piña colada, hurricane), soft drink, or wine and the machine will turn it into a tasty slush drink.  Each side has a separate control panel so you can run one or both sides of the machine, depending on the size of your party.  The freeze time varies depending on room temperature and alcohol content, but is typically 2 hours per batch.  This machine plugs in to a standard 120-volt household power outlet.


Loving this machine. It’s a huge hit at parties. I got tired standing behind a blender instead of hanging with friends. I would recommend the double vs single. You don’t have to use both however if you have more than 6 adults you will need two. The staff at Margarita Girl is awesome and very responsive to questions.

Love this machine. We have used it for personal use for two parties of 75 and multiple parties of 6-12. I do not recommend taking the spout apart to clean as the o-ring can easily be broken. It is sufficient to run clean water through the spout. Freezes in one hour if the mix and water are refrigerated ahead of time (and any alcohol is put in after the slush has formed). Great machine for the kids as well as adults.

I ordered this about 2 months ago. It arrived very quickly and is VERY easy to use and clean. It’s great for parties and looks very nice as well. I have no problem leaving this on top of our bar. It takes a little bit for it to really get going, but once it does it really takes off! Very well made product.

This machine makes perfectly frozen blended drinks! We make margaritas, daquaries, etc. It takes about 2-2.5 hours to freeze and serve. We do keep an eye on the refrigeration once we start serving. If it gets a little too thick, we turn off the chiller for 15 or 20 minutes. I also really like the company. I had a question, so I emailed them. They responded promptly and got me squared away.

It is a great little machine that makes the right amount of frozen adult beverages for our little pool party get togethers. Easy to take down and clean.

Hands down my favorite purchase. The things you can do with this machine are nothing short of amazing. I utilize store brand lemonade concentrates to make frozen vodka lemonades and I can hardly keep any in the machine. It is of solid construction, easy to clean, and easy to work with. Just be aware, this machine is a solid 65 lbs. So if you plan to move it a lot, invest in a cart.

This is product is an entertainer’s dream. Perfect for adult and child friendly beverages. Note, it does take a lot longer to freeze a full tub of beverage, so be prepared and start the machine much earlier than needed.

Love the machine. Easy to set up and clean up. We use it for a small snack stand for slushes. Easy to use and has 2 different features for consistency. Would recommend this machine.

I took the plunge on this unit for a summer pool party at my new house. I was a little apprehensive about the investment, but the machine itself is solidly build and I’m sure my family will be enjoying it for many, many summers to come. It was more than enough for 20 guests on a hot summer day, and it was a total hit: we also had a cooler of canned beverages, but it was left almost completely untouched in the presence of the slush machine.